Taitotalo is your partner for better business

Nainen katsoo kameraan, taustalla ihmisiä
With Taitotalo’s training programmes, you can improve the professional skills and know-how of your staff

The development and training needs of a company stem from its business strategy

Systematic development of the competences is necessary in order to execute the company strategy. The training programmes and competency development services of Taitotalo provide a wide range of opportunities for enhancing the skills of individuals, work teams and organisations.

We want to keep the wheels of society turning by looking at what skills are needed in the future. That is why we train and develop the competencies of our clients to correspond to the needs of the everchanging world. We will help your company to figure out how to acquire competencies for example by on-the-job learning, mentoring, training, facilitating or coaching.

You can contact us to request an offer for company-specific training.

We cater to your needs with tailored training programmes

Trainings by Taitotalo are designed in a way in which

  • studying can be flexibly combined with a busy schedule
  • the training programme yields desired results for both the student and the company

We offer daytime, evening and online training programmes. We organise trainings across the country, also at company premises.

Assessing the quality and effectiveness of our training programmes forms a part of our course planning.

Performance indicators are part of planning our training programmes. They are agreed upon with the company in advance to make sure the training will provide the desired results, both for the company and for the student.

Please contact us if you want to find out how we ensure the quality and effectiveness of our training programmes for your company! 

Account manager at your service

Our account manager will act as your contact person when you do business with us. They will take care of regular communication between your company and us. They will tend to the quality and development of our relationship and make sure that we reach the goals we have set.

The account manager collaborates with your HR team and ensures that the training programme forms a comprehensive and cost-efficient package. 

The account manager saves you time and effort. You do not have to search for information about training programmes – the account manager does that for you. The account manager also collaborates with you to construct a concrete annual plan for developing your competencies. This helps you to achieve the goals of your business.