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LTQ-Partners’ Jossel Sebastian is a customer relationship professional by heart. When he heard about the new possibility to get a vocational qualification in English, he eagerly grabbed the chance.


 Jossel Sebastian  is actively building his career path in the field

Sebastian is studying at Taitotalo’s first-ever vocational qualification training held in English and aimed at cleaning and property service professionals. A modern hybrid model makes studying efficient and flexible.

You recognize passion when you see it. Jossel Sebastian loves cleaning and is actively building his career path in the field.

– I love cleaning and seeing the spaces become clean. In Finland, also nature is extremely clean, Sebastian describes.

It is eight years since Jossel Sebastian first came to Finland from the Philippines as a tourist. He was mesmerized by the country: how well everything worked and how friendly people were. He has no doubts about Finland being the happiest country in the world.

After seeing his relatives working with cleaning, he decided to relocate with his family to Finland, and to build his future career in the field of cleaning. He joined LTQ-Partners in 2015 as a maintenance cleaner.

– Later on, my boss thought I could teach other cleaners, as well. I said, let’s try. Now I clean at some offices, warehouses, and sports facilities a few hours each day and then coach my team, Sebastian says.

Becoming a team leader comes naturally to Sebastian, as he used to be a supervisor at a production site in the Philippines. For Sebastian, it is important to make his cleaning team see that the work is much more than just cleaning. Ultimately it is about winning the customer’s heart.

– Our job is not done well enough if we don’t satisfy the customer. I personally don’t stop until I have won the customer’s heart.


Jossel Sebastian loves cleaning and does not stop until he has won the customer’s heart.
Jossel Sebastian loves cleaning and does not stop until he has won the customer’s heart.


Flexible and efficient study method

Sebastian is studying in Taitotalo’s program called Site Facilities Operator, Further Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services. The entire qualification consists of 150 competence points, including both compulsory and optional parts.

The initiative to apply to the program came from Sebastian’s boss, and Sebastian eagerly grabbed the chance to develop as a cleaning professional.

– For me, it would be hard to study in Finnish because I don’t know the language well enough. It is great to study in English because I want to understand every detail.

The need to provide studies in English has also been recognized at Taitotalo.

– I am glad we can offer this possibility now. There are many professionals working in the field of cleaning and property services, who lack in-depth knowledge of Finnish to be able to study with that language. In this program, teaching is done in English, but we are supporting our students’ aims to learn Finnish, as well. It is important that all the professional vocabulary is also described in Finnish, trainer Virve Gabrielsson says.

The studies are organized utilizing the modern hybrid model. The students can choose, whether to study online or in the classroom. The flexible study method improves efficiency and saves both time and money for both employer and employee. In addition, participating in the program is possible from anywhere in Finland. This way employers have a possibility to train and produce uniform quality service at all locations and create better opportunities to succeed in tenders.

– It is important to have all the facilities in place when teaching with the hybrid model. The quality of the sound is important, as well as using good cameras that enabe everyone to see also the details, such as the labels of different bottles, Gabrielsson describes.

Sebastian prefers to study in the classroom but has also taken advantage of the remote study possibility during busy work schedules or the summer vacation.


Concrete tools for work

Jossel Sebastian is in the middle of his studies but has already seen the benefits of education.

– Taitotalo makes my work easy. It is emphasized that when you clean, you have to always remember the different elements of cleaning: mechanics, chemistry, time, and temperature. If you manage that, everything will be perfect.

His favorite exercise has been learning the different technical aspects, whether it is about the tools or machines used for cleaning.

– At my work, I also now pay more attention to the right dosage of each chemical, and when to use protective accessories. The importance of ergonomics has surprised me. What a difference the correct body movement makes when mopping the floor.

Customer service has been highly emphasized in the training.

– I have learnt that the cleaner must be invisible. The customer doesn’t want to be disturbed. We as cleaners can also be proactive and tell our customers if we notice while cleaning that something is broken, for example. Also, the customer is always right and you don’t say no to the customer.

Jossel Sebastian lights up when he thinks about his big dreams.

– I want to be a supervisor in cleaning. And there is one big dream. I want to start up my own cleaning company in Finland one day and offer job possibilities to other Filipinos.


Jossel Sebastian has enjoyed learning the different technical aspects of cleaning.
Jossel Sebastian has enjoyed learning the different technical aspects of cleaning.


Supporting employees’ career paths with apprenticeship training

At LTQ-Partners supporting the personnel’s skills is tightly embedded in the company values. In fact, apprenticeship training is an excellent way for any employer to support their workers and strengthen employee engagement. This form of training is also publicly funded.

– This is an excellent way to ensure that the company’s employees’ skills are up-to-date. For example, good ergonomics save from many troubles. In addition, the company is better positioned in the competition to get good workers, trainer Gabrielsson says.

An individual study plan is created for each student when they start their studies. Most of the education is conducted at the student’s workplace in daily assignments. The studies include assignments and instructional videos that can be taken at a self-directed pace.

– Collaboration and different kinds of exercises are an important part of the studies, whether in the classroom or in Teams. For example, we have demonstrated cleaning in various surroundings with a movable video camera. Jossel has always been actively participating and asking questions. He has all the possibilities to advance his career, Gabrielsson describes.

Text: Heidi Lehmuskumpu
Photographs: Muarem Malisi



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