Site Facilities Operator, Further Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services Ammattitutkinto


Education gives You competence and assurance to plan and implement cleaning services in different customer sites. You can attend either one unit and have assurance to your work in daily cleaning assignments, or You can complete the whole vocational qualification. There is continuous admission to this education. Find out more and apply now!

Who is the vocational qualification suitable for?

Qualification in English is for You who work in site facilities services in Finland and use mainly English at work sites in everyday communication. You have either basic education in cleaning services or versatile work experience of site facilities services. It is also required that your employer has agreed to tie an apprenticeship training contract. 

To complete the qualification, you must have the opportunity to make versatile assignments during your internship or at your workplace. 

Completion of the vocational qualification

Form of training

For apprenticeship training, you need an employer in the field with whom an apprenticeship contract can be concluded. Unconditional requirement for starting education is employment in Finland in cleaning services and minimum 25 h/week. 

More information about apprenticeship education (in Finnish). 

For apprenticeship agreement, Further Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services the student fee for completing the entire qualification is 50 euros (VAT 0%). 

The student fee is to be paid at the beginning of your studies in one installment. The student fee is not refunded if the education is interrupted.

Employers have the opportunity to reimburse the student fee to the student tax-free (according to the guidance of the Tax Administration: "an employer can reimburse, tax-free, the invoice for training costs incurred by the employee in the employer's interest against receipts").

It is also possible to complete partial qualifications from this qualification. The student fee for a partial qualification is 0 euros (VAT 0%).




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